Monday, December 5, 2011


I'm back.....
I just want to tell you that I'm glad I can blog again... ^^
ohh..and I want to tell you that my work-experience program ended last month. I'm gonna miss those junior high students.. hehehee
here are pictures that taken on my last day.
what an experience to become a teacher in real school.. ! I definitely want to go back there as a full-time teacher if I get a chance.. :D
and up until now, I'm still communicating with some of them via twitter.. It's nice to meet such young and fun students. although sometimes it's very challenging..

PS: sorry for the crappy pics. they're taken by my phone.. :D


Ally said...

Such wonderul photos! must be such a pleasure being able to teach :)

Also, your dress is lovely! I love how to paired it with a jean jacket to keep it casual!

xx, Ally


Lovely photos dear!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

You've gotta love a good denim jacket. And I really like that little belt!

Wynne Prasetyo said...

awww that's so noble of you! i was never good at teaching, impatience is definitely not a teacher's feature. i'm glad you gained such memorable experience



Lidiya said...

Lovely photos and I love your outfit! The jacket and dress look wonderful <3

White List said...

Perfection! You are pretty fantastic!!! I really like your unique point of view. Great post and BRILLIANT blog! :-)

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