Sunday, September 18, 2011

School days

as I said before, I'm now working as teacher as part of my work experience program in 98 Junior high school. It's been 2 months since I first started the program.
I haven't post anything since then.. partly because this program keeps me busy and partly because I'm just lazy.. :D
to make it up.. here's a recap of my day at school..
oh.. I almost forgot.. I go to school only 4 days out of a week and I only teach at classroom 2 days a week. The rest of the days, I help my fellow work-experience-program teacher as their shadow teacher.

Those are pics of my working attire.. speaking of working attire, there is regulation that all female teachers must wear skirt instead of trousers. and there is also regulation that the skirt must be below knees.. so, it is rare to see female teachers in Indonesia wear quite provocative working attire.. :D
in fact, it is suggested that female moslem teachers must wear hijab.

These are my fellow work-experience-program teacher at 98 junior high school. There are four of us and we are classmates on collage. :D

This a class that is handled by my friend... I snapped pics of them while they had their daily test..
So.. do you see any cheating face?? hahaaaaaa 

 and... this is a class that is handled by me..
rather than saying this class is very noisy, I'd like to call this class is very alive.. hahahaa
like when I was explaining something, they were busy asking things to me or simply talking with their peers..
overall, they are quite smart kids but some of them are really annoying.. like there four boys that always crack my nerves.. I don't know what to do with them.. they are always talking and don't pay attention to what I said.. so, they are always ending up with question what to do on this task, what is the meaning of this, how to do this task.. really really hit my nerves..

but.. in the past 2 months, I had so much fun.. I never imagine that I can face those kids as their teacher in classroom.
I always worry on what to teach and how I handle them but it is an on-going process to become a good teacher.. :D
well.. I still have 2 months more on my program.. I will do my best.. hahaaaaaa

PS: all the pics were taken by my android phone..
not bad huh??? :D