Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last summer dress

Ahhh... Summer is almost over............well, at least in western country..Lol because my country, Indonesia, has only 2 seasons. Dry season and rainy season.
but lately the weather in Indonesia a bit bizarre. Bright and clear in the morning but turn in to dark in afternoon... I don't know that happen because of the season shift from dry season to rainy season or because of Global warming..
so, because in western country, fall is almost come.. it's save to say flowery things will no longer appear in must-have items on fall... hahahaa that's why I named this post Last summer dress because I will not gonna see flowery dress much in fall season..

PS: Just say yes by SNOW PATROL is stuck in my head.... :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Polkadots, khaki shorts and DK

Just a few hours ago, my friend texted me.. she said that my favorite guitar player is in Indonesia and asked me to check his twitter...
And it's true that Davis James Kennedy is in Indonesia, I dont know where exactly he's staying...
this is the second time he come to Indonesia without telling his fans ( me to be exactly... LOLOLOL)
it's really annoying when you know that someone that you adore a lot is in the same country but you dont know where to find him....
here are the pictures of him... I'm sure you'll agree that he's one handsome and Hot man ever...

ohhh,... If u dont know who Davis James kennedy is.. you should check on
he is the guitar player for a band called Angels And Airwaves... and you can download their 3rd album for free in their website... :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

dont know what to write...

Sorry for not posting in a while... :P
The pants are my mom's.. hehehehe  I should fold them so they look better... :D

Last Tuesday, My friends and I went to amusement park (Dufan). After hours of playing, I declared my self a coward... *sigh
I hate halilintar, tornado and kora-kora... they're all make my stomach sick...  :(
here are the pictures when we in Dufan

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Got flowers in my shoes

I'm sorry for MIA this week.. :P School kept me busy.. hahahaha.. I didnt expect that short semester can be so exhausting.. so.........Lets blame School..!!!!! :D
okay, i'lI stop complaining.. :D  just want to say THANK YOU for those who dropped lovely comments and visited my blog....

ohhh... one more thing...!! I just bought lovely shoes even though they're cheap and have not-so-good quality... I still love them..
Here they are....:D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

COACH - POPPY, YSL, CHANEL giveaway by Elle hearts blogs

Elle hearts blogs is hosting A MASSIVE giveaway... join her giveaway by just klik here
*fingercrossed hope I win this stuff... !!!! :))

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lomo Effect

Woohooo..!!! here's my first attempt to edit my pics.. and quite succesful... :P
I want my pics look like they were taken by Lomo.. so I use photoshop..
do you guys think that they look like pics taken by Lomo??? it's okay to tell the truth.. hahahahaa

and here's one of the pics before I edit them
PS: PMS sucks... :P