Tuesday, July 26, 2011

finally an outfit post

Hi.. finally an outfit post..
just to tell you something that happened to me lately:
1. I colored my hair dark brown but the result was light brown
2. I've started my work experience program in public school
3. I just got back from Jogja trip so I'm flat broke now.. 
4. and lastly... I gain weight.. *boo*
well, that's all I can tell you now..
till next post...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Short trip to Jogja

finally, after 10 hours of sitting in the lowest class train, we arrived at Jogja
you have no idea what was it like to be on that train but def an unforgetable experience
lost on our way to malioboro (city center) but still could manage some time to snap some pictures.. you know... girls *rolled eyes*

found an interesting gate of a restaurant..

 Jogja Landmark.. Tugu Jogja

in front of Prambanan Temple.. it is actually a group of Hindu temple from 9th century
Prambanan is one of the largest Hindu temple in South-east Asia..
last day on jogja.. posing in front of red light district area.. :D

that's all my short trip to Jogja with really minimal budget.. hahhaaa
if you have time, you should come to jogja.. its people are warm and welcoming.. :D
see ya on the next post.. an outfit post..