Saturday, March 26, 2011

I just recently become an ELF

Heyho... how are your guys???
just turned 20 this week but I still feel the same as I'm 19.. haaaaa
I hope 20 will bring many good things to me.. :D

btw, I'm a bit shy to tell this.. I recently develop big interest in SUJU.. *sigh*
I know, I'm no longer a teenager but.. you know, you can't resist good looking men who can sing and dance.. hahaaaaaaaa
well, for those who don't know who are SUJU.. you can consult to uncle google.. :D
they are Korean boy band with massive numbers of fans.. I mean, they are really well-known in Asia..
they were on trending topic when their 4th album went out.. one of the fashion mags in my country made an article about them.. everybody talks about them.. even, many Indonesian famous artists want to see their concert..
so, I searched their song on youtube.. voila.. It didn't took so much time to fell in love with them..
maybe you should check them out too on youtube..
let's see whether you like them or not.. hahahaaaa

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello Marchy

ahhhh.. I'm very happy that I can finally make a post.. I tried to post something about three days ago but my pictures didn't show up. So, I changed my browser.. Thank God it worked.. :D
well, how you guys been doing???? I hope everybody is in good health.. I suffer from bad flu because of crazy weather... :(
speaking of March, I will be big 20 this month.. ahhhhhh I don't want to become a grown up person.. hahahaaaaaaaaaa