Thursday, September 30, 2010


So, Vero from blame it on the boogie tagged me 10 things that I love and asked me to pass it to another 10 blogger..
here they are...
10 things that I love
my studded bag
my old laceless converse
my camel blazer
my old blanket
my skinny black pants
sleeping on the bus while i'm on my way to campuss :D
watching Korean drama
eating ice-cream with my besties
my favorite band Angels and Airwaves

Now the fun part, I have to pass it on to another 10 they are
Kirstin Reddington
Maria Kristela Austria 
Elisse Grady

In the mean time, I left you with this..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

stolen pics from my dad's

Two photos above are the photos of Kelimutu Lake that is located in Flores island, Indonesia. Actually Kelimutu is a volcano that containing three summit crater lakes of varying colors. The color are white, green, and red. Too bad, My father only took the pic of the green one. The officer of Kelimutu National park said that the color changed by the mineral that contained in the lake triggered by volcano gas activity. I wanna visit Flores island so badly but maybe someday after I have enough money..hahahaha
If you happen to be have a chance to go to Indonesia, I recommend you to go to Flores Island because Flores island is not too far from Bali.. It takes 3 hours of flight from Bali to Maumere and from Maumere to Moni (the base town of Kelimutu) takes 3 hours by car.

Two photos above, I'm not sure whether it's one of the beaches in Bali or one of the beaches in Lombok..
Two photos above are the photos of Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue that is claimed ,once its finish being made, one of the highest statues in the world. The 1st photo with my dad in it is the upper part of Wisnu (Wisnu is one of the Gods in Hindu). The 2nd photo is the upper part of Garuda (Garuda is the vehicle of Wisnu and being considered as a sacred animal in Hindu).
Last time I went to Bali when I was in 9th grade. I remember that my tour guide said that the statue is made seperated. As you can see, they made the upper part of Wisnu and Garuda first than the other body part.
This is the miniature of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue. Once the statue is finish, It gonna look like this. So, watch out Liberty statue, You gonna have a serious competitor here..LOL

PS: to those Balinese who read this, I hope I descibe Garuda Wisnu Kencana rightly.. If not please do forgive me.. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Finally, I've been able to post again after  tough days this week.. I suffered from allergy that so damn itchy..hahaha Not to mention that my school also started this week.. So, it's a complete disaster for me.. :D

PS: Big thanks for those who become new followers and those who also comment on my blog.. You made my day!!!! *hugs* 

Update: I've changed my template.. :D

Friday, September 17, 2010

just a lil bit...

the title is not finish yet.. I'm trying to tell you a lil bit of my self.. I'm a 19 year-old girl who is still searching for her soul..hahahaha
yeah.. I'm currently in 5th semester of English Education in State University of Jakarta..Yes, I'm going to be an English teacher either for Elementary school, Junior High School, or High School..
I still don't know for sure whether I will be a teacher or anything else when I'm finish my school.. :D
As a teacher to be, My lecturers insist the student to dressed properly as the future teacher.. I mean dressed neatly and clean which is rerely I do..hahahaha I like to wear T-shirt and jeans on lectures..
As in 5th semester, I will  get more subjects that related to education, such as; Curriculum and Material Development and Media in ELT.. on last semester I got English Language Teaching Methodology..
so I guess this semester is getting tougher.. :P
ohhh almost forgot.. Is there any of you guys who is in the same field as me.. I mean, you're going to be a teacher or you're a teacher now..?? maybe we can exchange some thoughts or maybe you can give me advice how to handle disruptive behaviour in classroom?? hahahaha That will be great!!!
If there is who want to chit chat with me about lesson plan or new method of teaching in the classroom, you can always e-mail me at
I know my English is still suck..please do forgive me.. :D
PS: I love my new friends..keep in touch girl..!!! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

just my corner again

Sorry guys for torturing your eyes with my plenty photos.. I just can't help it.. I like the pictures..hahahaha
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the goodie that up for grab is... this dual tone leggings
PS: Thx for the new followers and the super sweet comments on the last post... I love you guys..!!!! :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I love red and my magz

Second day of Idul fitri.. my neighborhood is so damn quite..hahahaha so, this is me again trying to be creative in my room..
yes, agree with the title.. I love red so much because I really feel that I look good on red..LOL
about the magz, I do have my fave magz..that is the one that I read on 4th pic.. it's a local magz named Looks magazine.. I really love that magz because it different with its fellow magazine that full of articles.. dont get me wrong, but I prefer seeing pictures than reading articles.. hahahaha
here's a peek into Looks magazine
PS: Thank you for your super sweet comments on the last post..they really made my day.. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nothing to do

Tomorrow is a big day for all Moslem in the world.. Idul fitri.... Since I'm not celebrate it, I've nothing to do today... my neighborhood is so quite, everybody prepares all the thing they need to celebrate Idul Fitri
So, I decided to do little experiment in my room.. voila.. pictures above are the result.. hahahaha

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Expendables

Today my Mom and I watched The Expendables... You know, a movie where a bunch of action actors like
Sylvester Stallone
, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourkey, and the others starred together...
My opininon about the Expandables..... too much testosteron..!!!!  =))
The story is so typical of an action movie... where the hero save people from a bad guy with a little romance between the main actor and the actress..... I'm not hate it, I just can't stand the violance and the blood..  :P
here's what I wore..
The bag that i wore reminds me of Nicole Richie's patchwork bag that made by her stylish Simone Harouche... I know it sounds silly but You gotta see yourself.. yes?? hehehehe
here's the pic:
the pic is credit to

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