Sunday, November 21, 2010

Inspiration: Florence Welch

I love Florence very much.. her style, her music, and her hair.. :D
One of the influential female singers today..I present you.. Florence Welch..

PS: This Monday, I'm going to Lampung for school businness.. So, I won't be near computer and internet for the next 5 days.. :(


Diana said...

oh my! i'm lovvvving her style and her hair!? its gorgeous! great blog girl

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The Dandizette said...

To be honest I've never paid that much attention to her but after seeing these pictues Ii think I love her a little bit too!

Great blog.


fhen said...

oh my im loving her stylee!
never paid much attention to what she's wearing before
but she has great music indeed


Violetta E. said...

she`s amazing!!

Marella said...

Her style is great!

Eden said...

she's incredibad! i love her... i wanted to dye my hair like that, but i got tan so its a bad idea. her style is awesome! glad to discover your site!

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Alanah said...

i like her hair colour - i find eccentric colours perfect for these seasons! it gives the world a little bit colour =)

xoxo Alanah

Sophie said...

Ohh i love her! amazing style and best music. i know all her lyrics off by heart haha. awesome blog. love it xxxx

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Ughhh, she has such amazing style. Love love her.

VeRo! said...

definetely love her!!! and her re hair! :D


Fedulab said...

SHe's got many talent. WOH! Great post! Love all the stuff

jess said...

wow great photos! i love her style -its so inspiring!

rouli said...

amazin style !

love every single look of her:))


pls come visit and join!


ari said...

very inspiring!
love the leopard short suit, and the black sheer dress!

la mì said...

amazing post!
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kiss kiss^^

kendal croix. said...

she is so wonderful. that hair...just perfect.

xfashionbabex said...

I love her style and her hair as well! If you follow my blog I'll follow yours :) x

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That is one very inspiring lady!

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