Saturday, October 9, 2010

O happy day :D

 Yesterday we celebrated my friend, Tari, birthday. My friends and I took Tari to choose present for her after that we went to karaoke.. We did some silly things and I even recorded my friend singing and dancing to dangdut song "cinta satu malam".. hahaha  I wanted to post the video but she said she will leak my silly photos.. so, I agree not to post it.. hahaha
here are some pics

Tari ended up not buying anything, she said she still confused about  what present she want.. while Tari still confused, I bought this cute shoes..

and here comes the thing that made my day perfect yesterday.. My Levi's watch arrived yesterday.. I forgot to tell you that I won a giveaway by my favorite magazine, LOOKS magazine..
when I was away with my friends, my lil sister texted me that my watch has arrived.. and I was like "whoaaa,  are you kidding me??? I can't wait to go home and see it" hahahaha

 PS: I promise I will do outfit post next.. and sorry for the lack of update... Thanks  :D


ARA said...

looks like fun. I`ve always wanted to try karaoke.xx

Maulina Sari said...

heh electrocute, ultah gua kgak disebut nih??? ;p ;(
kan gw ikutaaaannnn..
*nangis guling2

j calhoun said...

wow...seems like u had a great great time, right ;-))))

well, iam doing an internship here in new york..
fashion industry

LOVE julia

VeRo! said...

you lookes to have so much fun!!!!!! :D

Lucky youuu!!!


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